from tinder comes the Tinne
the fire the pyre  the smithy who
creates within his forge the heat
its really what they do
Holly comes from holy
holier than thou
it sprung from under 
Christ’s feet 
really that was how
it came to be
this ever green
This all important tree
One of the seven chieftains
with drupes the birds can see
various names collected
like Bats Wings  and Christ’s thorn
It is quite slow growing
for hedging it does
on most 
its impenetrability
which is second to none
in every facet of its being
when the day is done
sacred to Mother Holle
from the underworld
wbere she
the Norse Goddess herself  infact
Where we are told she be
it gave its name to HOLLEWOOD
A place  of magic  where
“children of the matrix “
many living with despair
about 400 different species
some not evergreen
the leaves remain attached
for several years
and they have been 
very  slow to compost
when finally detached
the wood is  white like ivory
when cut a greenish hue
which  gradually
Then whitens 
Though retains it sap
a view
It’s quite difficult  to work with
its close grained and very hard
immune to infestation
able to keep close guard
it will  grow almost anywhere
as long as it isn’t too damp
a sacred tree of  Wicca
flowers in May 
it is  a champ
in many respects 
receiving its pollination
from the Bee 
it produces a kind of honey smell
for them   Sweet reverie
the red  drupes come alternate
and though toxic to us all
Birds appear to love them
and enjoy them as a rule
Holly represents the life forces
and the waning too
from Litha through to Yule
each year
the Holly King fights true
his brother the Oak King
resides  over the following  half of the year
Holly’s positivity
Always  very clear.
It was Pliny back in AD 23 -79 
who told us planting Holly
Near the house  would  ,be divine
it repels all poisons
and any  lightening strikes.
and  puts an end to witchcraft
And black spells that no one likes
soaking  leaves in vinegar
for a day and a night
applied to corns  and they  disappear
magically take flight
when Yule is near  keep in the home
to welcome the faeries and elves
tbey like to shelter with mortals
quietly on our shelves
but remove all trace   Not even
one single leaf to be
left behind at Imbolc
for misfortune then you’ll see
Clearly brings protection
after Friday midnight so they say
Bring  some in and wrap in white cloth
Use 9 knots to tie
place  beneath  your pillow
Just give it a try
and see  that all your dreams
will come to fruition
and you be 
soaked up in the pleasure
of  what is a constancy
the Celts regarded Holly
as a tree in high regard
Taranis the Gaulish thunder God
realised now hard
it was and  much like ivory
though stained black
it could be
close to what we know of now
of course as ebony
the charcoal  was extremely
used by smithys too
forge  the sharpest toughest swords
and the athame 
infusing Holly water
sprinkled on the new born.
it would so protect them
from anger or from scorn
don’t  ever cut branches off of holly 
PULL them off or fear
bad luck will be prevalent
all the coming year
holly people born in July
come alive in winter they
Love  the cold where they excel
but hate  the heat or so they say
ilex aquifolium
a noble tree tis said
high caffeine  it relieves
And it gives you a light head
mental and physical energy
mate tea it be
quercitin and rutin
it makes for  a noble tea.
cuileann  Gaelic for  HOLLY


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