3 years since the awful fire
the death subliminally
Overlooked and forgotten
By the great powers to be
The cladding and the council
in detriment and wrong
Drawing  big fat salaries
Which they earned all  along
homes, where do the blighters live
the Whole Kensington  crowd
going  back to their detached pads
whilst  GRENFELL was sadly showered
in what was a wretched ediface
a fire storm cladding we
anyone who watched the fire
could feel the tragedy
Despite  the sheaths  of letters.
 nothing was ever done
we know the way these councils work
excuses they are spun
so much grief and horror
and the contractors running scared
refusing to take responsibility
Whilst the tenants were ensnared
In  what became a ruddy death trap
Leaping  to their death
inspection  at an
all time low
Begging for their breath
so many anomalies 
Planning  and the rest
GRENFELL  all the tenants
suffering  in fact
and the council and the authorities
Just Would  not react.

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