Elephant hunting in Africa

I fail to see the difference
as to why some countries
allow their gifted animals
to be shot and killed  
the  view
we can make some money
its a business after all
and those who conduct
these organisations
should be walking tall.
safari hunting clubs
Canned  hunting and the like
in the greater scheme of things
existence  takes a hike
creation  and the gift given freely
to be shared
should  not be murdered out of the park
not if people  cared
the fact that we take for granted
and abuse the animals who
were granted settled status
by much higher souls than you
you the animals killers
you the  scourge  beyond
humanity and it’s evilness
of which now few are fond
farmers turned harvesters
of big cats and the rest
who change the natural order
and believe that they invest
in animals by farming them
to be killed eventually
in a kind global mail order  book
are meaningless to me
Hunting or the killing
of animals abroad
is evil it’s heartless
countries  can’t afford
the squalor and the ugliness
of the so called rich who try
and subjugate the natives
and ensure the best  do die
murdering  the wild souls
isnt relevant to me
there is nothing good or fair about them
no identity
sick their mental health
is simply shot away
and because they aEE rich
financially.animals have to pay
it’s no antidote for freedom
 causing conflict everywhere
the countries now engaging
in this  parlous hostile affair
should be brought to book
and made to offer sanctuary
and ban outright what is hunting
from a bygone century
We have moved on
Seeing the animals diminish
around the world
murdering them for money
the gifted ones yes hurled
into a created sphere
of agony and pain
grief and the belief
of creating ways for the insane
To carry on their mercenary
evil which they do
and governments allow them
as surely many view
the business as a huge one 
Killing  and the rest
 By all means use our cameras
but killing Let’s detest
An  out right end worldwide to it
and the importation of 
trophies parts of dead animals
wbich to me just shows how messed
up we all are really
Over the spoils of war
Elephants can teach us many things
And I am  sure
of their place  whether prey or predator 
the natural order stands
it’s not for human kind to change
and march across the lands
murdering for the sake of it
and making excuses why
any group should be murdered
at the wink of someone’s eye
this is wholly evil
its unfitting and it’s wrong
we allege that we are superior
but in reality that is wrong
we are lesser folk than animals
those  of us who try
with our big mouths and our 
pockets deep
whose hearts still beat
but why
they are  in fact no more than murdering scum
disrespectful shits
creating grief for others
It’s frightens me to bits
they are square pegs in round holes
and ought to hunt each other
the bickering quarrelling arse holes
who can hunt another
warring conflicting  unbecoming creep
and they can shoot it out somewhere
and enjoy their sleep
the victims can then be fed to the 
predators  around
along with  the natural prey animals
the natural order sound
the hunters hunt each other
Let the best man win
Let them get tired and weary
and victims of their own sin
the hangers on  the gun lobbies
the outfitters them all
all with blood upon their hands
,let all of them fall
Into  the common  cess- pit
of the vile and unbalanced mobs
who keep man spirit s going
With  their vile and filthy gobs
an elephant grieves a plenty
and, of course those who
around have found humility
we know how much they do
suffer when one of their own
is gunned down yes we do
HUNTING  is an anathema
A  scourge on all of you
it creates an internal chaos
a disunion abroad
upheaval  and turmoil
that no one can afford
its unorganised and irregular
a rampage through the soul
intrusion and conclusion
Armageddon takes its toll
The almighty,  gifted countries
those  wondrous souls to ply
to share the  tumultuous jungles
and Great Plains and on high
Observe the illustrious beings
protect them and preserve
not murder them for financial gain
and flatten the curve
an article in the AT!ANTIC
new friend  Rachel Martin-Pithey on twitter

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