Chicken HELL

we make the chickens life
entirely miserable
dosed up with the additives
that force
early termination  from 
existence in a cage
or crammed together
in a shed
thats just off every page
wbat we do for profit
is create such misery
leave them in a prison 
where no soul wants to be
thousands  defecating
and every  chicken  there
breathing in the obnoxiousness 
that no one wants to share
forty days from birth to death
and in that perilous time
the birds are getting cancers
squamous cell carcinomas
the floors covered in slime
in maggots and rat droppings
the atmosphere that stinks
of feces and of urine
man provides those links
cadavers thats the wretchedness
who die before their time
dead before we slaughter them
sickly  there’s no rhyme
or reason for this carnage
these poor souls  left to be 
eaten by our children
Neanderthals are we
we stand back from liability
their vulnerable and we
torture them we feed them badly
Its reportable  we see
Such filthy  dirty areas
tbeir universe no more
we care little for them
and many  die there on  the floor
chewing on each other
cannabalism rife
 Many lose their feathers
suffer heightened strife
the stench that wafts  just everywhere
the blood  the snot the pee
we hand them HELL  
and of course they die
in complete  adversity
And then we serve them everyday
friedchicken it’s the scene
and those gut wrenching victims
whose lives were made  obscene
tortured from our selfishness
our negligence our hate 
these terrible cruelly broken souls
served up upon the plate
filling our children’s stomachs
with cancers everyday
sure they made a packet
it was profitable they say
the farmers and the markets
All dosed up with pain
their lives  entirely ugliness
fit only for the drain




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