Cashew seeds or nuts as they are more commonly known

A tropical evergreen
two different  heights
one  over  forty feet
one half that size
the one that is smaller
grows faster and yields
more of the seeds 
and profit wise builds
a better business
Vietnam leads the world
India, she 
comes second  thirdly 
The Ivory Coast 
and  the seeds
are then steamed  to remove
 the Urushiol
as it does seem
to contain some toxicity
so to redeem
It and make it acceptable
For culinary use
Its therefore 
its snack value posted
Some made into cheese
into butter and  sprouts
Makes wonderful salad oil
and milk now 
 there are few it is used in curries galore
from Goa  In it’s local cuisine
where for sure
Carbs Fat and Protein  enrich the sauce
Making Wonderful curries
which tbe world does endorse
 it’s minerals  many
it grows at the end
of Each cashew Apple
Which In itself tends to lend
certain protection
in the growing stage
It makes a sweet fruit 
and drink, that’s off the page 
smells very sweet
and tastes that way too
Anacardium occidentale
Poem for Kemil
thanks for following me 


2 comments on “Cashew seeds or nuts as they are more commonly known

  1. Kemil on said:

    Wow !
    Thank you so much sir for your kindness.It is really interesting and I love it. I think I could find a good kind -hearted gentlemen from a far away place in the world.

    Thank you so much again for you for the time spent to write such a beautiful poem for me.!
    Thank you!!!

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Dear KEMIL it was an absolute pleasure to write you a poem
      And thank you for your reply that’s lovely and it’s nice to have you as a friend

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