Buttercups and daisies
the little knotted rings
children  made for mothers
Ranuncular  he sings
 beautifully the legend says
this glossy yellow flower
that grows in grassy meadows
And captures solar power
 this is chiefly to attract
insects and to make
their little floral  calyx
warm  and gently bake
the energy redirected
to the reproduction they
boost the ripening pollen
and the seeds do best that way
an enemy of the farmer
though animals  instinctively
know that they must not eat them 
there  toxicity
Causing massive blistering
of the mouth and bloody diarrhea
 Only when they are dried
 Can be added to hay
that much we know is clear
 daisies on the other hand
are edible and  they
can be thrown in salad
On a summers day
the sun is their ruling planet
they are masculine 
Fire  it is their energy
divination from within
in ancient  times  some beggars
used the flowers to rub
upon their skin to exact sores
For  sympathy  that scrub
caused weeping  pus filled abrasions
and beggars found that they
 could earn enough to fill their guts
to the customers dismay
rubbing flowers  on the udders
of cows apparently
made the milk much sweeter
an old wives tale it be
farmers generally speaking
say it was never true
and the milk if golden coloured
was from buttercups  not true
nany a cow was called  by one or other
as you know
Daisy and or Buttercup
from the tale of long ago
another thought was a coyote
 tossed his eyes into the sky
after an eagle attacked him
Buttercups were the reason why
they glistened in the sunlight
beautiful to see
thats apparently the story
of the unfortunate coyote


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