Blue dress saga16

Faery rings upon the lawn
The Gastropods asked  to see DAWN
in her blue dress 
And so she came 
learning  lots and  feeling game
gaining an  insight
into our world
into the  space
where we were hurled
the molluscs  
sensitive little souls
soft bodied  with a protective shell
and our modes of life
Do  suit us well
we have  A belly and a
visceral hump
The  French they eat us
Gardeners dump
all sorts of toxics
around us they
even  leave beer
On a sort of a tray
egg shells and pellets
that kill hedgehogs and  cats
mice and birds
and even rats 
we have tentacles
sometimes two
we are sensitive 
a lot like you
smell and touch
It’s true we are small
Close to the ground
and as such  we do.
have to have weaponry
And  do indeed
we use froth a lot 
and we do succeed
our mantle covers 
our swollen cloak
and our armoured shells
Really are no joke
Many types  of shells we use
cylindrical homes
so it is good news 
The faery magic 
allows Dawn to
so she can do
what we do
and see how we
manage to all live
some of us live 
On the land
and some
live in the sea
in the salty sea
we walk very slowly
some only eat meat
living and dead
Its whatever we eat
it serves us well
Though  misunderstood
by Gardeners who
refuse to share
their food it’s true
they Forget to care
and do not see
that our paths have crossed
previous b9dies 
have become chalk
really everywhere we walk
we have become 
the very earth itself
So some
of us still continue
to  walk our way
and everyday
we think as a female
and act as a male
the best of both worlds
and a compelling tale
we have a radula
a sort of tongue
with tiny teeth
And all among
our miraculous  bodies
what you see
Is utter sensitivity
the bigger we grow
the soil has to be
made up of limestone
for then we feel free
to wander the pathways
away from  the sand
only the aquatic  ones
do understand
Low growing fruits
ofcourse our desire
but fresh baby beans and pea’s
hold our fire
we decelerate wherever we go
thus we see our surroundings
the slow pace does show
We creep and we crawl and we inch
and we try
to study the countryside
and try to apply
ourselves  to the task
of the freshest green shoots
the sweetness we like to 
chew down to the roots
gardeners hate us
because they believe
that they have the right
and they try to achieve
razing and levelling
All the  new plants
Actually truthfully  we don’t get
the chance
to complain, shouted down
slapped about broken shells
it just isn’t fair 
these destructive Of spells
my beautiful blue dress
magicked and calm
has brought me to new worlds
That I wouldn’t harm.
 living  Thoughtful souls
And less cruelty
From human control 
in this proximity
more understanding
is what creatures need
so can’t know it all
if we are to succeed
and work for the planet
together as one
we must sow seeds together
An d pray for the sun 

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