Badgers in Derbyshire

Farmers in Derbyshire
seemingly they
are pissed off with
and their dismay
Is over  the badgers
Not being killed
But  getting the vaccine
are thrilled
every wild badger
must get the shit
Pumped into their veins
and really that’s it
shooters won’t be
employed any more 
to go out at night
and shoot them for sure
farmers won’t realise
they  are  at fault
not the badgers for Christ’s sake
we needed to halt
these murdering  scumbags
it just wasn’t fair
to blame the wild badgers
just because they don’t care
 Pick  out a scapegoat
a voiceless wild soul
The  NFU  wants to exact
its control
farmers  got off far too easily they
are causing the problems
tbemselves  everyday 
unsound the busbandry
unsound the feed
stressed out and fearful
Where does that lead
to much weaker cattle.
stressed out for sure
and so blaming the badgers
and starting a war
with  them it was never the answer
and we
see BIG PHARMA happy as sandboys
to see
the world changing tack
vaccines  at a high
so masses  of profit
and so that is why
its best not to murder the wild ones
cattle To cattle
That is the need
vaccinate the cattle
and the badgers and we
will still see the disease
wait and see
the feed and the treatment
 cows get every day
the cruelty factor
the feminine pay
kidnap and rape
It  affects  them for sure
they live  under  stress
and they do more and more
its good that the judiciary
saw things were wrong
all of this carnage
it didn’t belong
the wild souls though voiceless
have a reason to be
living in England
living wild and free
vaccinations of  what is
called BCG
Bacille Calmette Guerin
a live attentuated strain  of Myco bacterium bovis
since 1927 given to people
 FARMERS SAID 77per cent was down to badgers
whereas peer review said  5-36per cent 

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