Aphid kingdoms 18.

Three millimetres  the smallest yet
 But with  my blue dress on  well
it did let 
me shrink down  rapidly  to their size
and obviously then realise
On different plants essentially
How sophisticated  they really be
Beans and Cabbags Peach
And more
flowers and other fruits
Specialists in many ways
hypercriticalness it pays
 preference for the shady side
of leaves  it achieves
a better ride
having a symbiotic  affair
with Ants  by being  able
 to share
its like a protection racket we
are cared for 
as we ought to be
And our discharge
Is our  currency
 ants  are  sweet  Toothed
and  our poo
is extra fine
its  called honeydew 
if you like 
our  relationdhip  was born
and was how  we reached 
and found our Dawn
they could milk us of our worth
and each of us has our
place on earth
so we enter their kingdom
in Winter and they
release us  In Spring
to go our own way
we have our enemies
many Yes who 
would kill us dead
And as many do
the lady bug
and lace wings,  they
along with the damsel fly
that say
hovers  and pirates
And some  wasps too
ready to pounce
and upon us, chew
we release  waxy liquid
our conicles
thats what we do
some defence
itS only the tiniest number that die
and the lady bird
sbe can then apply
her language prowess
Its how she pretends
to be one if us  Our 
Most dangerous Of friends
we are proficient 
And have a boxing skill
we use our legs
and blood we  Do spill
we employ soldiers
who protect and serve
we all possess wings
and can flatten the curve
some have our wings
others  wings  down
But a blast of  the katabatic
and we go to town 
3 milli metre
but magic indeed
the great witch of Eden
helps  us to succeed
we do not  lay eggs
we have no time for them
we give birth to live babies
each one a gem
and  No fertilisation 
we are advanced bugs
with such perspicacity
a purist that tugs
a  meticulous  path 
Green flies and black
breeding in Summer
when we are under attack
our mouths are quite strange
like needles in fact
we bite and we suck
and  the poor plants react
by dying on us
which  is clearly why
you  lot  get
Angry with us
by and by
we carry virus’s 
our secret weapon
and they fall  at our feet
slacken and reckon
shaken and taken
Giving birth sometimes twice
on a single day
and it has been 
Known thrice
its lovely Mil Lady
to have you today
to learn of our secrets
and share yours  a way
that was not thought imaginable
before your blue dress
saga such magic
who couldn’t want for less.
you have some secrets of ours
and we yours
as far as we know
through the great many tours
you are the first 
never before
have we spoken to a human
which I am very sure
goodbye me lady 



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