Horses for courses

Blood of horse
blood of  Donkeys
Vampires  draining
all’s  awash
equine serum
keeps them barren
Crowded  sheds
oh golly gosh
tied up with ropes
their hopes
in shatters
they cannot move
just there all day
When they lie down
its in their own urine
And their own feces.
How they pay
But it’s the way
the NHS way
sourcing  ingredients
for us all
swollen elbows,
we shall get it when you call
the irreverence
and cruelty angle
 Such  assertions 
near and far
indignity and such defilement
these poor souls
 just where  they are
syffering in total silence
dubious doubtful  discreditable they
damaging and so dishonest
 As others  look the other way
the unconcerned and the indifference
horses  donkeys one by one
drained of blood  they feel their weakness
when the dear old day is done
THANKYOU Peta  for your love and  care 


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