White Horn 13/5-9/6

The hidden thorns
of love  beware
Access the underworld
And let’s share
a parting  smile  
At a sacred spring
where the white thorn dances
and  does bring
it’s uplifting power
to one and  all
an open heart
and  an open mind
Psychic protection
is offered up
on the journey
where  all will find
a sea of blossom  
a scented  shroud
of pure delight  
so endowed
and transformation
a strengthening tonic
from it’s location
a portal  to the fairy  realm
the goddess tree
May overwhelm
a Wand made up of 
hawthorn wood
will have great power
always for good
OLWEN the  welsh Goddess
It’s  her bridal gown for all to see
 Negative  thoughts  
and mental confusion
 learned  or surely
it’s no  illusion

 The lanes  explode
With downy white
on chalky  soil
we feel the might
of thorns now hiding
amongst   the  flowers
with bees confiding
in  luscious  showers
listening under the hawthorn tree
the boughs hang fast
small birds are there
and faeries to 
for the aware



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