I can see from the posts upon
your page
that you favour fairness
in this day and age
where irreverence
and Indifference reigns
where poor women suffer enormous pains
and animals too
they suffer so
an lots don’t care
and many are below
the parapet  sadly
Thoroughly scared
taken  for granted
hardly spared
the indignity
of being poor
 and being neglected 
for evermore
ladies in Pakistan 
because  they are poor
Lack the respect
they are living for
suffering badly 
every day
and because they are poor
they are made to pay
horses their legs tied
up so tight
to stop them escaping
you feel their plight
some of us do
some don’t care
dont even see them
and ofcourse can’t share
their pain  and suffering
and really try 
to help them
and to just ask why
some must suffer
and some  too coarse
Refuse  to see them
or try to  source
a better life a safer path
like you  my dear
who knows the wrath
some feel And suffer
and you do try
to help them  which is
the reason why
its a great big pleasure
for one such as I
to follow you back in the wink of an eye


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