What we need is mutual love and CARE

The world today is hard and fast
And we people
we all feel the blast
Of the virus
and the governments way
Of keeping us
all locked down all day

We are sensitive souls
And we really care
We want to get out of this
Vile despair
Everyone’s suffering
All of us say
We fight with our hearts and our souls
Now today

Many have perished
Perhaps many more
We are all feeling
This global war
All we have worked for
Is slipping away
Global meditation and love
Though now may

Turn it all round
It has to for we
Have all come along way
And we need to be
Kinder and loving
Let friendship evolve
The people are strong
And together let’s solve

Whatever comes at us
Prisoners no
We are all in our own zoos
Locked down as you know
It is awful to contemplate
And what must be
Is our coming together
Holding hands and let’s free

Ourselves of this virus
Whatever it be
Stand up and share
Locked down
But not knocked down
All sharing one key

To a better life
Going forward
Caring for all
The people the animals
Those that fly
Those that crawl
We all have to matter
Let us all now walk tall

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