Japan at the crossroads

Is it lack of intelligence
Or vacuousness that Japan
Is going through now
Huge dead flesh eating
Country knowing what it does
The environmental impact
Is terrible the buzz
in cities
That of cellular Agriculture
That would save colossal amounts
Of methane from the land

14.5 per cent the gas emission they
Pollute this world by eating dead flesh
So the people pay
Meat has overtaken fish
Though to see the nets still caught
And the dolphins and the porpoise
and the whales
That they have sought

A nation of aggression hard nosed
I can say
Very few real vegans
Will admit to it today
MAy be 6 per cent
Non existent actually
Lab grown cultured dead flesh
Or meat
Some now hope to see

The keeping of live animals
Is a cruel and nasty trade
Computerised and unnatural
Upon our shoulders laid
Animals stolen from the land
From the light of day
are stuck in prison all their short lives
Until they pass Way
Or I should say until they are
Throats cut hung and drawn
Mothers babies fathers
Sorry to see you yawn

The wild must see the empathy
Of death before their time
Zen or godly circumstance
To understand the climb
Upwards in the numbers
Of torture and suffering
Now grown on a culture medium
What’s that going to bring

To the Japanese table
Really anything
Surely there will be a land mass
To recover to rewild
And there will be a less methane
Loss yes Less that’s defiled
Hopefully a reduction
On the ocean and the land
For the capturing dead flesh targets
Which truthfully when planned
Could make a significant difference
A healthier diet too
karmically more peaceful
And much better for you

Go over to more organic growth
Less pesticides around
Better for the environment
And the workers too have found
More balance much more taste
And nutrition too
And really sound and seasonable meals
Perhaps a dream come True

Lab grown foie gras
Apparently is possible I hear
Imagine all those frantic ducks and geese who live in fear
Force fed every which way
And tortured till they die
Stabbed in their sore throats
By a farmer which is why
Foie gras is abominable
Torture all the way
Ducks and geese that scream at night
They are made to pay

their sad lives
Torn away by those
Snobs and the wretched ignorant
Who really do expose
The innocent to torture
Such improbity
It’s unscrupulous
And villainous
And sickening roguery

Frankenstein flesh
It be a thing as a vegan
I would not
Indulge in doctored evil
To put this in a pot
And ever call it vegan
A misnomer if you ask me
Frankenstein flesh
It looks like Andy
must never be

All sorts of Names
Are being thought about
The balance wrong
It will save land
It will save gas emissions
Does it belong
It will save torture and cruelty
And slaughterhouses too
And blood and guts and carnage
All of that is true

But the power of thought
And arrogance and ignorance
Two areas to think about
Together they are key
Worse than cancer coupled
With cruelty and more
With acumen and sharpness
and enlightenment for sure

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