Critter Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary

Most have to wait until they pass
To reach heaven on earth
But we are extra fortunate
For our home is just first class
The sanctuary has everything
Farm animals best dream
Beautiful succulent verdant grass
A pond blue skies and a team
Of genuine saintly helpers
A philosophy of care
Love here by the bucket full
And everyone’s aware
Crick Creek that’s in Gainesville
In Florida state where we
Can eat ourselves full of the best
Grass you will ever see
Wild plants just like clover
Dandelion and more
Good humour and attentiveness
Phenomenal for sure

Friends around to honour
Our pedigree and charm
People who were saintly
Who never ever harm
Animals who love us
From the bottom of their heart
Who approach us with a beaming smile
Yes right from the start
In our past we have seen boredom
Torture and the rest
But now the lovely meadows
Everything that’s best
For ungulates and little pigs
It’s where our dreams came true
Wagging tails and flipping ears
Eli and Marley two
Beautiful affable friends we are
And how we love to play
Eli a happy loving calf
And Marley the piglet say
We do so love each other
Into affinity
We chase each others tails
All day
It is the place to be

Parity is taught here
We are on a even keel
Nothing here is too much trouble
We know just how to feel
What they do
Faces always smiling
Never a bad word
Always seen as joyful
Each one of our herd

Really in the ascendancy
Not handicapped at all
In our very eminence
And we come when they call
It’s never to get a kick or smack
It’s always to get a smile
A gift to lift our countenance
By a country mile

We hear both of our saviours
Are tweeting just like birds
And have met up with a Poet
Who uses fancy words
He lives in really far away
And loves us animals too
Who writes a lot of articles
That’s what he likes to do.

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