Connectedness apparent
A kinship one can feel
A really strong identity
With lots of keen appeal
A pair of wood pigeons
Clearly him and her
But she clearly wears the trousers
For she on the higher spur
Up there on my Beech tree
Bathing in the sun
He is 10 feet lower
The top spot hadn’t won

Probably be went out late
And forget his special meal
And she had to Chuck it in the bin
It happens it is real
They have been together
For life they took their vows
But the males are a bit flighty
And must cover their tails

In the summer their heads get darker
Linnaeus long ago
Gave them the name Columbar Palumbus
And we know
That in fact it meant wood pigeon
And they do mate up for life
But some times they find a girl friend
A bit on the side and strife
Can reach into relationships
That is what I hear
But these two on my Copper Beech
Really do appear

To be in love and utterly
Stay up there all day
When the sun is shining
It just seems to be the way
Often I wonder what they are thinking
Or if they thinking about
Looking down on humanity
And being in any doubt
As to what they really up to
All these great high towers
Of silvery aluminium
No they are not flowers

They would know from the vibration
How serious life has become
The radiation buzzing
leaving so many numb
Sickly anywhere near them
And on top of the lamp posts too
Crackling sounding gadgets
What do they all do

And where have all the cars gone
Not many two legs about
The cars are not being driven much
And not many are going out
It’s as if the are under house arrest
In Prisons everywhere
There is less pollution
But we just wonder where

And why they sit at home
And do not venture into the street
Mostly it’s just delivery trucks
Or people seem more discreet
Very few people are talking
Something is just not right.
And down the town all the shops are closed
And nothing is open at night

They are not even out in their gardens
Apparently locked in the house
The spiders are saying it seems it’s
spring cleaning
And, we have heard every mouse
Who lives in the garage or kitchen
The people are home all the time
Much fewer crumbs being left on the floor
Hence the validity of this rhyme

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