ZUFA Northwood Hills.

It encompasses a footprint
From a bygone age
A part of the Mohafazah of North Lebanon
Each page
Tannourine a magical And enchanted space
Close by great Cedar forests
Where wild angels found their place
Where Eagles fly and Wild Boars ply
Where Snakes and Bats and Hyenas too
Frequent a land of valleys and ravines
And a sky so often blue

Joseph and Georges two brothers
Whose compatibility
Who took on their parents
Love of food and culture
And so ZUFA came to be
With its flavours and the pedigree
Their eating place was born
Creating a rich rendezvous
Where we found a brand new dawn
Of true conviviality
Of tastes of far away
Of Service that’s exceptional
It will make your day

It’s very clean and welcoming
A gentle decor too
They celebrate the history
And their core beliefs
Are true
For me the food was exceptional
As a vegan lots to try
And everyone is affable and kind
Which is why
It’s a place you can unwind at
There’s no pressure
open all day
Everyday from noon
To be able to eat as leisurely
As one chooses its a boon
And to enjoy the subtleties
Of Lebanon you can
An absorb the whole experience
Of why this place began

George’s was of course his gentle self
Caring and one can feel
There is a real affection here
It is just so real
A fondness for their culture
A devotion to the cause
A respect for paternal greatness
Which is Worthy of applause

I loved the Hommos Beiruty
An experience to behold
The Moutabaal was exquisite
On the falafel I was sold
Crispy a soft middle
A fresh tahini sauce
And salads soft with lemon
And their powerful citrus force

It is welcoming and pleasant
A lovely place to go
Arabic flavours permeate
Where Gentle rhythms flow
You leave the busy Northwood circus
And enter gentle
Where swirling Lebanese spices
In a warm an true embrace

1-3 Joel street
Open every day
Noon till 10 SUNDAYS
Noon till 11 TUESDAYS to Saturdays

And 308 Uxbridge Road
Hatch End

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