To three of my friends the willing the courageous warriors

To Ann to Kat to Lash
Three willing warrior souls
Nurses with dispositions
With totally leaning roles
Whose eagerness to serve
to care, to love, really to be
Totally dedicated to work

The nation is in lockdown
Such violence everywhere
A virus affecting everybody’s lives
Bringing despair
To many and the sick who are
In hospital today
Need the unprompted the unbidden
honour you display

A spontaneousness and receptive
Penchant in the fight
To be really in the front line
Every day and night
An unprecedented happening
Calls for the driven and the sure
Who beyond the call of duty
Are there just to give more

Bounded by their spirit
By their courage by their care
All three of them are heroes
And we all are glad they are there
Of course there are many others
And this poem is for you
With circumstances beyond control
You all do what you do

At the front line championing love
Over The worries and the distress
Each of you is indispensable
Your volition effortless
Your strength of will
Though tired yourselves
To carry on the fight
Bringing positivity
And lots of healing light

Your firmness and your purpose
Without prompting you are there
and each day it gets harder
But each day you do share
Your strength of will and compass
To the weak And the infirm
You conjure up your tenaciousness
Which is vital and long term

Steadfast and ceaseless caring
Against all the odds as well
Your constancy is commendable
For those experiencing their hell
To Ann to Kat to Lash
I know you personally of course
Your love for all humanity
For animals the source

Is in your heart
and soul of course
Your deliberateness
And intent
Is the fuel that really drives you on
It’s as if you were heaven sent

You look after the delicate
The poor of health those who
Are suffering who Maybe vomiting
Terminally askew
Nurse a term encompassing every trait
In the spot light really always
Having your firm feet on the ground

Today with the corona scares
It’s perilous to be
Where the gathering clouds
Are forming really constantly
There is vulnerability
As warriors though you be
Naked and exposed but
With repose and apparently

Give and share and stay Aware
The need now is to be
Really angels truly angels
Despite the adversity
You feel too
We all feel
But you are where it’s happening now
Rescuing the weak of heart
And showing others how

Venturesome and pioneering
Qualities you hold
Each one of you take it on yourselves
To be seen as always bold
Exhaustion does affect you
But again you show us all
You have just so much spirit
From perhaps being on call

Lots of understanding
And reciprocity
The best of friends to sick and dying souls
Really is key
You have my admiration
For everything you do
Your countenance of peace and calm
It seems to flow from you

And in that state of wonder
There is magic through and through
And Each one of you is awesome
For the splendid work you do.

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