The meat trade RABBITS

In Queensland and Victoria
The meat trade does its stuff
Farming rabbits in wire cages
Where life for them is tough
It cuts into their feet
And causes abscesses and they
Suffer in their 8 weeks on this earth
For that’s the way

The meat trade Makes it’s profit
No duty of care
The very barest minimums
and consumers are not aware

And those that get to know
Even they don’t care a bit
The fact that RABBITS sit all day
Sadly on their shit
Wire cages are supposed to prevent that
But still their lives are sad
Rabbits do need exercise
And so for them it’s bad

Stuck in a small Area
For an 8 week stint
All Caged up like criminals
That how they make their mint
The problem is they suffer pain
And no duty of care
It creates 2 months of misery
Whilst they are living there

I say living it’s
The MEAT TRADE all it sees
Is never furry bunnies but
Chunks of flesh it frees
From the emotion the loving and the care
And uses animals when it can
That’s how it is aware

Aware of making margins
And profits for the cause
As for health and well being
That is where they pause
And think how they can manage
To operate thus far
Profiting from cutting corners
That is who they are

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