They have been around
For 15 million years
Long long before
Australians and so
Should be respected
But we ignore

Their place alas
Our arrogance
And ignorance outweighs
Their ability
To live where creation put them
Their malaise

Is the human population
Who gives them so much stress
Importing cane toads
Quolls have no
Against them
Their toxic nature
There was no expression for
Their survival sadly
Which man just does ignore.

And the human being truthfully
Creates a lot of pain
For all the Indigenous animals
Who truthfully should gain
Much for the environment
Designed for them in fact
But over run by invasive souls
Which humans do attract

Cats and foxes
Tend to look keenly upon the quoll
As something of variety
Food that gives them soul
Poison bAiting the 1080
Toxic as can be
Not only kills the rats and mice
But the quolls too tragically

Then Urban development
Really takes it’s toll
And large herbivores in other words
Make the poor old quoll
Suffer as it’s cover is flattened
So to say
Creates more risks when feeding
Which is not the natural way.

quolls are in a precious place
And Nature needs to see
That only the strong ones do survive
And now what is key
Is mothers having up to 18 babies
In each brood
But with only 6 teat feeders
The strongest will allude
The stresses and the weaknesses
And will have to make it through Which is why.
the Quoll
is having problems
Under a Queensland sky.

Outside of Australia
Not many people know
The nocturnal Quoll
Which sadly
Is seldom seen on show
It is facing so many problems
Brought on by man
Who is anything but kindness thats want QUOLLS
now find.

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