QLD and NSW live animal markets

Wild life markets around the world
Selling bush meat they
Sell Exotic meat and live animals
And apparently
it’s a way
Of creating the new pandemics
So why would Australia keep
Working with live animals
And be in them so deep

Chickens pigs and DonkeysSheep Ducks Goats as well
Turkeys, Geese and Pigeons
Fresh and live they tell
A lot about the market place
And really how they are sold
Living breathing animals
Clearly,worth their weight in gold

All the bigger cities
Have a wealth of stores
Lots of super markets
Some have multi
Live markets selling animals
Is it a great idea
Life itself on offer
With all of the fear

Of parasites and toxins
Of goodness knows what feed
And what medication
Yes where does that lead
Chickens pigs and sheep and ducks
Goats and geese there too
Turkeys even and pigeons
Who know what injustices
Or What some evil doers do

Cruelty is evident
In cages all the day
Under the hot Queensland sun
The ruffians display
Living souls all feeling
And hearing the ululation
The baying and the neighing
And the quacking clucking cation

These sale yards are unnatural
They are a living show
Being gawped at by the punters
Suffering we know
The vagaries of market stalls
And unreality
Having really to undergo
The externality
Of a foreign place
And many a face
And the antipathy

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