It is my feeling ZOO’s will never
Take the place of wildness
Our arrogance does sever
The natural life of animals
Lack of exercise
Lack of foraged wildness
We must not believe their lies

Elephants the largest pachyderms alive today
Thick skinned individuals
In every single way
But very very sensitive
To environments and b where
They live and breathe and emotionally
Face long bouts of despair

Zoo’s are so unnatural
As babies elephants need.
elephant milk not the processed stuff
That will always lead to a much weaker digestion
and then the stress is always there
Mood swings rings eternal
With the build up of despair

Wild souls kept in lockdown
It doesn’t help at all
It restricts their natural movement
And breaks just every rule
If a virus comes to weaken
The heart and soul creates
A miasma of confusion
And the will to live abates

I so feel for these babies
Tears are easy here
Locked down in a foreign place
No one feels their fear
And cry they do inside themselves
And nobody does care
Their job for which they are paid a wage
Is why they all work there

And elephants are deep thinkers
Profoundly, they know
It’s better off to just fade away
Than be part of a show
Always being gawped at
Fed food they do not need
Medication that upsets them
In the zoo they just don’t lead
A life that they are happy with
It’s easier to go
To the rainbow bridge
Where so many
Went before
As well we know

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