Lock down

As wild tribe members
We have rights
And human beings
At the heights
Of their admission
And their days
Should realise
And seek to raise
Capacity for understanding
Wildness is
Really the landing
Stage in life
It’s who we are
And captivity
Is a violent scar

Dolled out to the innocent
We’re not criminals at all
We go about our family life
Seldom do we break a rule
Simply we stay where we were put
Eat the food we find and know
Is who we are
Success for all when we all grow

Into communities that observe
We live and die live on our nerve
Pray and predator we know the score
We know we always are at war
We eat what’s there
No processed crap
We stay healthy
Thats our rap

Sheet of life we sing we cry
If we sicken then we die
We have no doctors we manage fear
Unless you humans interfere
Thats when us pets we do get sick
Eating the cans and you take the mick
There’s hardly any flesh it’s chemical stew
So we All get sicker than we have to

Captivity is the lockdown you
Are now experiencing yes it’s true
Getting some payback for how we are
In your zoos that really scar
Us all fed shit day in day out
Gawped at hourly and you lot shout
And torment and tease us through the bars
We know
It’s the wild outside where we want to go
Then the circus yet more tricks
Moved about and knocked for six in trucks
In trains on roads on rail
No food no drinks of course we fail

Then the hunting fraternity
The miserable criminality
Who hide inside and shoot us out
Of the sky each day
What’s it about
Sport for the boys
Shooting us dead
We come to the market
We need to be fed
With shells and bullets
And masses of lead

That’s left on the ground
in the rivers and seas.
lead is toxic if you please
It poisons the earth
It poisons us all
You see you lot break every rule
And you get away with it
People say
The hunter man the warrior may
Come to our lands and shoot like hell
Canned hunting cats you do so well
Shooting the elephants and the giraffes
And killing the cows and all their calves

Zoo’s are prisons captivity
awful prisons depravity
In concrete cells devoid of light
Stuck in there all day all night
Left to rot left to be
Visiting adversity
Then the fights us bulls must do
The rodeo’s where HELL comes true
We feel the pain and agony
You serve it up to us for free

So lockdown is about to be
Introduced so you can see
What it’s like to say goodbye
To freedom and now knowing why
When the corona leaves still you
Will be locked up in the coming stew
Now it’s corona there will be more
Reasons to hold you in their store

Animals are a tribe apart
They are living souls who start
To live in freedom true and wild
But sadly others have defiled
Whether pets or captivity
In CAFO’s or prison camps we be
Call them farms or sheds or where
Just hordes of us in such despair

Habitat loss its what you say
You need our space and right a Way
To build a home to run a farm
That’s when wild animals feel the harm
Hunted down or thrown in jail
Either way our lives do fail
Slaughterhouses are your way
Of getting rid of us each day

animals are sick and tired
We are being all hard wired
Fed on GM feed each day
That drives us insane anyway
Alters our bodies to make us lean
So more profitably to the meat trade scene
Profits are key PROPHETS though few
ThAts why our present
Will be your future too.

The cabal are out there
The illuminati
The NEW world order
Forget your smartie
You are thick as bricks
For letting them be
Fucking with us
And fucking with thee

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