Licensed to kill wild birds

This is a poem written by the corvidae
About the human trash that resides in country areas
Carrying guns to kill rabbits.

We have self awareness
And community groups too
We recognise your faces
And we know then what to do
We can communicate that to others
So then everyone will know
If you are one of the tossers
Who obstruct and try to show

Us corvidae the rooks and crows
That we are now fair game
Shooters out there and others
Apparently who claim
Licences for killing us
So there’s a bloody war
and anyone with a gun nowadays
Can take us out for sure

Well that’s not very friendly
And we are a community
Every crow have every other crows back
So you see
We fly, and high we see and we
Watch the lot of you
Those friendly ones who feed us
And The others maybe, you

Who would injure us bust our nests
Or steal an egg or two
Or if you think no one can see
Come and attack, you do
But we are up to all this nonsense
And can fly away
And shit upon your car windscreens
And make you bastards pay

The farms are so aggressive
Shot guns everywhere
Catapults and air guns
And stones lobbed in the air
Its all around the countryside
These days it’s like a War
and we just have to retaliate
And give you back some more

Remember BIRDS and psycho
When we come together
Most of you get frightened
Wondering Just whether
We can swoop in numbers
And, pluck out thee eyes
Don’t ever put that past us
We hate you fucking guys.

We do have intelligence
Brain to body mass
We are as clever as the great apes
So don’t expect an ASS
Our intelligence is closest
To your intelligence and we
are ready to take you all on
We are ready actually

And now the licences issued
And some are on our case
Crows ROOKS magpies jays
And carrion crows must face
The consequences clearly
Of drunken idiots who
Can hardly lift a shot gun
But still use them and they do

On farmland we are careful
On public streets we know
We normally sit up on the rooves
Our guards fly too and fro
We always have our sentries
Posted everywhere
and have communication
So your news we all can share

Don’t look upon us just as birds
We have a vital place
Whatever your governmental crap believe
We are on their case
We play games we enjoy life
We seek to live and we
are not prepared to lay down and die
And you heard that from me

And that in fact is kosher
Believe it best you do
Coming after the corvidae
Is something you shouldn’t do
The farmers especially the dairy boys
They are a bunch of pricks
Nasty vile unfortunates
Up to all their tricks

Cruelty to animals
How the cows complain
We get it when we visit
Really they are insane
These are frantic females Suffering like hell
Their calves Re killed in front of them
We feel for them and tell
All the wild souls everywhere
Trying to raise their plight
Just flying over a dairy farm
Gives us all a fright

The sadness is the public
That’s people and maybe you
You don’t realise your freedom
Is going god it’s true
The animals are suffering
It’s a camp for evil and
Now they are after us wild birds
Right across the land

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