Experimentation on monkeys

Science knows how to stoop low
In its quest to create ways
Of vaccinating human beings
And looking out for praise
This corona virus possibly came about
From animals we
Mate somewhere in China
Wild souls living free

And now we take more animals
And abuse them terribly
Our arrogance is beyond the pale
Our ignorance off key
It’s happening In Covington
Two vivisectionist there
Injecting corona virus into monkeys

It’s irreverent behaviour
A violation too far
For me it’s a perversion
Tell me who we are
And why our brains imagine
We feel we have the right
To potentially kill the innocent
And do it out of sight

By injecting virus materials
Into monkeys let them be killed
How do you do that knowing
That innocent blood is spilled
The offenders they are men of science
Clearly godless shits
Being really wicked
They must be off their wits

Surely it is vile abuse
And shows a wicked streak
How can you do this with good heart
How can this not wreak
A desecrating principle
An ugly sinful act
How these people sleep at night
Really that’s a fact

Making a huge salary
And if it works big bucks
And fame and fortune in the journals
But for me all of this sucks
They are criminals completely
And one only hopes that they
Catch the bug their blood selves
And rapidly pass away

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