My blue dress
Every stitch is pure enchantment
A night sky
over a wild forest
Where the tiniest bats
Doth fly
Walking slowly through a grove
Brushing the ransoms green
The wafting of earths aroma
Adding to the scene

Ahead of me
A delightful grove
Of wondrous trees
Where I
Just went and Hugged an Alder
The tree of the month
A sigh

Of relief for actually remembering
The OBOD and ogham tree
A sage like natural wisdom
That in my blue dress
Is key

How magical I am certain
That when I put it on
Immediately I feel transformed
And my old life it is gone
Immersed in utter wonderment
With admiration for
The little things around about
Such bewilderment and more

My blue dress
It was fashioned by fingers
Deftly formed
Hand stitched with much patience
As time past
I feel warmed
By the quality of cotton
By the genuine intent
By the way it holds my figure
And the time that whoever spent

Just made with love and sharing
For the spirit and the grace
As she sewed she left some knowledge
At a gentle pace
Little snippets of what She knew
As she went along
And when I wear it
I just know why it does belong
To me
Because it was meant to
A most unusual thing
To realise and contemplate
And know it’s going to bring

So very much more happiness
And an enlightening each time
It’s going to be a learning process
Worthy of any rhyme
The colour of invisibility
In the wild woods where you
Gain Acceptance by the wild folk
In your beautiful dress of blue

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