The uneasiness of circumstances
Like the virus at this time
It’s a kind of feel bad factor
An agitation climb
It gets you to a point all het up
And alone
Not really knowing which way to turn
And you yourself disown
The joys and the success around
You file all that away
It’s the hypecriticism
That then gets in your way
The nitpicking the faddish
The whispering campaigns
You just feel unsuccessful
And uneasy in the reins

There is a lot of cruelty
And a lot of pain
People are not forgiving
So many people gain
Out of others upsets
And for those of us who do
Think deeply and profoundly
It hurts us which is true

The global pandemic
Great curtains of pure grief
Freedom being curtailed
And little relief
Of course it brings our feelings down
As sentients we sigh
We worry about the things we love
Our friends as they pass by

As circumstances get us down
A tough time maybe so
Misery and wretchedness
It all just seems to flow
Our way at this juncture
Capturing our soul
The doom and gloom the darkness
It’s out of our control

Ill fated and unlucky
Responding as we do
Feeling really low inside ourselves
Just wondering who
Is out there who can help us
Get over how we feel
There is always someone waiting
Someone who is real

Someone who does care for us
An angel let us say
On Twitter out there hopeful
That it will not rain today
You dear Kat a warrior
With a shield of alder you
Are fighting for the animals
And your bright light it shines through

and other sentients see it they feel it
It is strong
You worry we all worry
But nothing you do is wrong
You are a beautiful person
Caring through and through
And you give your time so Honorably
Which many fail to do

Depression comes like waves
Along a great sea shore
Bringing in the deadwood
And the plastic by the score
But also it is cleansing
Combining with fresh air
To cleanse the spirit safely
And to makes us more aware

You Dear Kat are like so many
Warriors we do
Put our hearts out there to share
With those whose need is true
And we are really hoping someone
Will give us strength
But it is actually within us
And really whatever length
We need it will just be there
For that is who we are
And just by asking for some help
It shows we actually star

In our own real drama
Our kindness and our care
Like waves flows really out of us
To those who need to share
And it weakens us a little
And we do feel overcome
But in essence my dear warrior friend
Of all the souls I have some

Wonderful friends like you dear Kat
Stalwart in your way
Because you are very caring
Ofcourse then each day
You are giving some are taking
But reliving as you go
Releasing all that love and goodness
Which is helping you to grow

Depression is a word it’s weakening to me
We are made of sterner stuff
Thus we have to be
Out there with some welly
The animals need us they
Were out on Earth to teach us
And they need us everyday
Ofcourse it feel depressing
Imagine how they feel
But they know that there are enough of us
Who are the real true deal

Keep in touch lovely
I will always be here for you


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