A state of expectation
Of wildness and of freedom
All that pent up suppressed need
Unfulfilled and lost
A prisoner who never committed any crimes
But just was locked up anyway
Just a sign of the times

Resigned to the hopelessness
The utter disappointment
Everything was baffled
Blighted and a bitter end
You cannot exercise your limbs
There is no place to turn around
Thwarted balked and hindered
Chained up and always bound

Your bubble was burst long ago
Hopes dashed, disillusioned
Murphys law and every whammy
Nothing Ever came to be
Life for you was meaningless
Empty and nonsensical
Unspeakable untranslatable
A paradox for sure
Confined in fact to purdah
And beaten and some more

The bull hook and the whip
Coupled with the chains and screaming
Incarceration and restraint
In every walk of life
Repression and coercion
House arrest and guarding
What amounts to bloody quarantine
Just plain and utter strife

Trammeled shackled hammered
Restricted every movement
The greatest ever pachyderm
Deflated every day
Beaten down and made to feel
Impoverished and hopeless
Mentally dependent
On the keepers all the way

Bondage and enslavement
Brings on the mental habits
The awful aberration the swaying too and fro
Oppressed beyond the pale of life
Brought to ones knees on show
Subservient to human beings
Trodden down into the dirt
We all dream of a great unravelling
And liberation and such hurt

Is evident in our surrender
Our compromise in how we feel
Rocking in our cage and saying
Our bereavement its for real
Diminishing returns for all
Captivity phajan and more
The crippling effects of torture
For us it is an all out war

We rock we cry we sense the end
Our wildness gone for evermore
Galley slaves on board your vessel
Behind bars each guardroom door
Locked and clearly clanging banging
The countryside the massive plain
What we knew of total wildness
We will never see again

The wonderment beyond all else
The hero worship we enjoy
Family and the love and care
The matriarch she does employ
A wondrous teaching on each journey
Her calmness and serenity
Replaced by doom and
Gloom and hatred
Our lineage and ancestry

Cancelled out by arrogance
By ignorance and selfishness
Pachyderms as large as life
Committed to a cage so small
Thrusts into your darkness
Sworn at beaten made to feel
We are simple servants
Outcastes to conceal

Introversion breeds a coldness
Ostracism every day
Restricted to a tiny space
And left to rot away
Gruffness bluntness harshness roughness
Acts of true discourtesy
We are suffering we are victims
Mental illness tragically

Read this and cry your eyes out

3 comments on “Captivity

  1. Harald Geiger on said:

    your poem is so true and so sad, dear Rex.
    Your empathy is great!
    Thank you in the name of the voiceless.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thanks Harald it’s very kind of you to visit the blogAnd leave your poignant comments
      Which are so lovely to read and I can always go back and read so thanks for them.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thanks Harold you are a very thoughtful soul to come to my blog x

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