Our world is now on lock down
Coronavirus kills
The old the infirm and the sick
So much blood it spills
And where did it originate
From consuming animals that
Were murdered in the jungles
Really where they sat
Living with their families
Shot down off some tree
What is known as bushmeat
With toxicity

In Africa it’s worse of all
Monkeys and apes are being
Slaughtered in their thousands
By those not so far seeing
In unsustainable numbers too
The forests are stripped bare
Rural areas where the poor
Live and need to share

Elephants and pangolins
Crocodiles and Rats
Chimpanzee they like them smoked
And the civet cats
Fruit bats and Bonobo’s
Duikers and porcupine
River hogs and Zebra’s
All considered fine

The problem is in many cases
The animals carry germs
Parasites and viruses
Even wiggly worms
Around the Congo Basis
And Guinea more and more
Nigeria and the Cameroon’s
They are breaking every law

Extinction is now paramount
Other diseases too
Like Ebola and HIV and syphillis
It’s true
Leprosy and Measles
And of course TB
Zoonotic viruses many more we see

And the world is in fact on lockdown
Every blooming where
Freedom is being curtailed
The old it isn’t fair
Dying without ventilators
Restricted in what we do
And all because of meat eating
This much ofcourse is true

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