Bird and fox killers

Natural England
Has that ring
About it’s name
That seems to bring
A consciousness into the fore
But the current death toll
We ignore

Nearly 600 foxes died
And 800 crows on the other side
Slaughtered sadly alive no more
Murdered because
They broke the law

The law of caw
The law of bark
Out of the forest
In the dark
Their clean sheet
Was cut and dried
And their killings were denied

Why do they do this
What is the point
Beautiful foxes
Now they annoint
Their inn-adds abroad
With the crows dark wings
And out in the moon light
A phantom sings

Blood curdling sounds
Organs bitten
The treadmills stops
The world is smitten
When It stops turning
Flight is lost
The fox in his earth
Finds his world tossed

A’sunder the rains and the sleet
Colder than ice
As the wild wind bends
Defending the climate
For all it’s worth
BRinger of doom
For all the earth

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