anyone can murder wild life by license

Jays,jackdaws,magpies,and carrion crows

We hear we are on the hit list
Natural Resources Wales
But it’s happening all over
The UK and it pales
Under general license
GL 001
2 and four apparently
Now the day is done

We have our place in Heaven
Unlike the shooters who
Are evil and resentful
Doing what they do
We were created with a purpose
And it’s not for humanity
To argue or to reason
For they all are clueless too

Their minds are really tiny
Diminutiveness are theirs
Paucity and rareness
Describes all their affairs
Getting would be shooters
To wait for us about and murder us
Is evil
And that’s without a doubt

We occupy a place
In the general scheme of things
That’s why we are generally black
And have beaks and wings
We fly we caw we share we hoard
That is our desire
And killing us from behind a tree
Is bound to extract our fire

Our anger and our grottiness
Your cars and windows will
Get a dose of excrement
We are big birds and can fill
Our arses up with berries
And drop out of the sky
And pay you for the attention
You are giving us when we fly

We may not sing as beautifully
As the nightingale but we
Are purposeful and genuine
And created miraculously
It’s alright you with shooters
Killings us when you can
But can you make us new again
No so the wholesale ban

Really should be you shooters
Killing soon at will
Jays And jackdaws carrion crows
And Magpies too we are still
Loving and have families
So killing one of us
Will mean you abuse our family grief
It’s something to discuss

What a bunch of losers
NRW are
Who got you wound up on this cause
The farmers
How they scar
The environments with their gmo and their glyphosate and more
It’s not us birds you should be killing
But polluters more and more.

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