An appeal to Anubis for a puppy killed in cold blood

It happened in Hoya de Salobrai
In Jaen that is in Spain
The country where pain figures
A lot and it’s a stain
On all of humanity
That animals seem to be
Actually considered worthless
So it appears to me

A puppy harming nobody
Born but sad and blue
Nobody to care for him
A tale we hear that’s true
One day when he was resting
A ghoul came up and bashed
His head in killed him on the spot
He was just simply trashed

Imagine that a moment
A tiny little soul
Who comes into this world of ours
And find an evil troll
Who murders him by bashing him
And leaves him to pass away
Bleeding from a head wound
Which is what Happened today

The principle of evil
The sinfulness we see
Anyone as heinous and this lump of iniquity
This abomination
This miscreant who killed
Who smashed this puppy over the head
Until his blood was spilled

There is a marked petition
And collections being made
And now we have a poem
For the unnamed victim laid
Out upon his little graveTo show him
That we cared
And ask Anubis the great God
For his pure soul to be spared

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