A meeting of true minds

If it happens it seldom happens
In this life of ours
But I know
Of a meeting which took a fair few hours
In a shop in Hampstead
Two fine souls I came to know
Rajah and dear Kirin
Both respected so
Humanity and realisation
Biodynamics that revelation
A tea garden far far away
In a peaceful grove
Where the jungles play
In green repose
to the mountains charm
RUDOLF Steiner
A man as calm
Magickal by interaction
And What could be
The real attraction
Makaibari where orchids white
and Oceans of tea
A wild green site
Staring Skywards to a verdant grove
Of growing tea in
a treasure trove
Of permaculture and so much to see
The miracles of diversity
An artists palette just everywhere
And love and thought
And true blown care
That was the concept
With eco tourism
And a green showing
Of tea and flowers
Fed by warm showers
And a name to conjure
For many hours

Hampstead tea and coffee
Gave birth to how they met
Makaibari kurseong
The terminology set
A meeting of the cordial
Attested and believed
Tangible and phenomenal
For all that was achieved
What became an incarnation
The kernel and the core
Inherited and familial
A connectedness and what’s more
An identity of genuineness
Of indistinguishability
with variables and true
Biodynamic tea

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