A Hanging in Entre Rios

Someone’s making a statement
What apathy and phlegm
A dog hung on a soccer arch
Anubis is with them
Both the perpetrator
They knew who they are
And whether they can sleep at night
And really whose the star
What dog deserves this ending
A death like this one asks
And left to hang in a public place
As if the poor soul basks
In sunshine
Or in moon light
Denied the air to say
To lighten up his body
And help him on his way

Imagine as that last breath
Was stolen from him, he
Choking at the loss of life
That eyes then couldn’t see
That one last thought of choking
Pulling in some air
Seeing all those distant thoughts
And just being aware
Death was coming rapidly
And now his body there
Lifeless waiting eyes observing
Many I am sure care
But whoever carried out this rotten
Murder of a soul
Is going to get his just reward
For there isn’t anywhere

That he can hide
His feelings must prepare
The uneasiness of carrying on
Knowing his body is there
It is a tribulation
I am indisposed to say
Just cannot forget those aching eyes
And the torment of the day.

Mesopotamia where
Argentina’s rivers
Between them
All now share
Was it a stray
Or someone’s hound
A temper or an act
Of wickedness and evil
However the case is stacked

High on all that ugliness
And evil about the spot
Hanging from a soccer arch
Where children
Go a lot
Seemingly making a statement
Of the emotions around the place
The wickedness is evident
And that look of that poor dogs face

A mother somewhere mourns her dead son
Who met his end hanging on a soccer arch
Strung up like a criminal

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