A blue dress day

A blue dress day is coming
And perceptibility
Increases with great prominence
For its where I want to be
Walking quietly
in the woods
My field of vision clear
Unmistakable sights to see
An not an ounce of fear
Tangible to wild eyes
Conspicuous and real
But to human strangers
It’s as if I cannot reveal
A presence only the animals
And True wildness now can see
My form, my actual being
Which for me has to be ,key

Apparently invisible
But exposed on the wild plain
Where magic and the spells of time
And the natural chain
Of events beyond imagination
Where the portals do exist
Where the fae and other nymphs and dryads
Can enlist
The detectable and observable
The cooperation everywhere
Trees and plants and mycorrhizal influences
All do share
And on blue dress days I seemingly
Log on to it all
Outside human perception
Is a world which I can call
On and be a part of
My blue dress holds the key
And drifting through the forest
Is where soon I want to be

Indistinct to human eyes
I be the great unseen
Submerged in all of Nature
Like the man who once was green
With his floral attributes
Mine is my blue dress
That gives me eyes to see and hear
And to the stars confess
To be talking to the animals
Sharing their desires
Talking to the stalwart trees
Staring at the skies
Understanding Nature
From inside each mindful space
Saturday the first instalment
So Dawn watch this space

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