Were caves ever the abode of man

The great disentangle
Return to the mangle
Evolving with much shorter leaps
Campaigning for clarity
And perhaps charity
Zeroing in often reaps
A vanishing point
From the caveman
Once apelike but
Able to be
Quite the restrainer
And new age trainer
A wind power promoting

Again to the fracking
That’s lacking
To the fossil fuels
Carbon and all
Methane each cow
Farting in those CAFO’s
People are showing us how
We can make a difference
By staying away from
The burgers and chips
Perhaps to
biodynamics and heat source air pumping
For Nuclear Power
Will not do
Da ichi and all that welsh sludge
It’s good we see people now so
The corporate world fails to budge
Greenwashing that’s what they are good at
Imagining planetary worth
From lying their heads off
So seemingly well
And hoping it’s saving the earth

For me I ‘ve been vegan for ages
Five decades and a bit more
Sustainability organic production
Delving into Natural Law
As a Druid Bard foraging widely
In my little way
What I do
Is reduce my personal footprint
And look up to people like you

Nice to know you Jeff

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