Wallaby dead flesh

Wallaby on the bone
Wallaby mince
Purveyors are everywhere
Waiting to convince
The public at large
That dead flesh
Is good tasting and principally
Game meat, exotic
For people and pets
And a vast mortality
Really that sets

Badly on numbers
Shooters out there
Who have to get close at night
Many don’t care
They shoot from a distance
Despite head shot need
On animals truthfully
Trying to feed

On King Island
One guy kills most of them there
Though farmers are at it too
Their wing and prayer
Money to be made
From the meat traders who
Flog it into the stores
For people like you

Taken in by the spiel
How exotic it be
The torment the abuse
The cruelty
Shot down whilst your eating
In front of your friends
Your joeys decapitated
That’s how life ends

In the dirt and the dust
Blow flies everywhere
Dead bodies are butchered
By the unaware
Piled on a truck
Paws and necks drag the floor
Stained with old blood and new
And some antique gore

Use of old shipping containers
To chill
No air circulation
Tight storage and still
They promise the earth
Where few folk will see
The bugs and the flies
And dirt that there be

Salmonella and E Coli
Are rife to be sure
We are struggling with viruses
Now more and more
Pathogens too
We are digging our own graves
And killing souls who

Have a place in the wilds
Gifted by GOD
By the great Mother Nature
Creation shod
Planted our lands
With these wonderful souls
Who give back a lot
With their natural roles

But commerce sees
Life forms
In its weird way
Something to abuse
And be made to pay
For tonnes of dead flesh
On the bone or as mince
For human consumption
And for pets
Ever since

They seemingly
Get a better deal
Less fat than from Beef
So better appeal
But it must be realised
Dogs suffer they
Get thiamine deficiency
Yes anyway

Australia gifted
Marsupial magic
Iconic souls
But sadly how tragic
Australian MEAT TRADE
See victims where they
Can supplement the ungulate grade
And still say

Our dead flesh is healthy
Whilst selling the BEEF the LAMB
And the PORK
Do they walk their talk?
It’s all about money
And profit and more
Not a prophet in sight
They all trash Natural Law

So called game meat
Yes DEAD FLESH it be
Beautiful animals all wild and free
Put there by the spark of creation and she
Gave back to the outback what was the key
To survival the biosphere
And the connections she made
Many unknown by the dead flesh brigade

They just see the balance sheet
Profit and loss
Another Land Rover
They don’t give a toss
About how we maintain the outback
And say
It will be there
Forever that way

60,000 years ago
Look on the rocks
Aborginine paintings
The secret unlocks
Pictures of ROOS
Of Goannas and more
Not bloody shooters
With their private war!

Listen to sense
That is what I write here
Wallaby dead flesh
Yes folk I fear
With the bush fires
The animals slaughtered
We still
Go out in the darkness
The wild shoot to kill

Nobody supervises out there
What they do
It’s done in the dark
In the dirt yes it’s true
Head shots in the dark?
Tell me a story
This murdering trade
There is little glory

It’s abuse of the wild ones
Who need to feed
And rest in the darkness
That how they succeed
Being shot by some
A couple of hours trained
Who shoots
For money for beer
And then bloody scoots

To me this is awful
I winge, course I do
All the bush fires and viruses
I takes the view
Killing the wild ones
Who have lived all these years
Is raising the karma
Raising the fears
Raising the ugliness
Spreading the lies
And it’s got to be stopped
We must Now realise

They are not fodder
To be murdered like that
Miracle joeys babies just at
A baby stage beaten to death
Or left for the eagles
It’s wrong with what breath
I have left in me I scream loud and clear
Leave the wild souls alone
Or be sure wild spread fear

Will emanate swiftly
All around the world
What you are doing
All of it hurled
Into a maelstrom of killing and pain
It is wrong it is is wrong

It’s completely insane.

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    Hi bro

  2. Lone good to hear from my long lost brother at last

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