To anyone who might consume foie gras

What is said to be buttery
And delicate tasting
Foie gras the liver
From ducks and geese who
Received force fed corn and fat
Shoved down their throats
Thus creating a diseased state
the innocent view

A two ounce service
26 grams of fat
And cholesterol too
85mg truthfully who
When the realisation
Of how it is made
The terrible torture
What is a raid
Of unhealthy proportions
Forced into the throat
Causing the liver to
Increase so remote
Are our thoughts in this instance
As the liver can get
thrust into the lungs

Amyloids increasing as well
To consume this whilst knowing
It does feel like HELL
100 days a duck is then killed
112 days a goose is then killed
By the torture and agony
What we produce
Is a dish to avoid
It is no golden goose

It is very unhealthy
For many today
A diseased state
How can that be a way
Of dealing with Nature
And of being fair
When torture and slavery
Is pictured there

Followed by injury
And the disease
Our cruelty creates
A kind of tease
On the heart and the soul
And the pancreas we
Would be far better off
To ban it and be

Kind to the ducks and the geese
Eliminate cruelty
And dark despair
To those of us endowed with riches galore
Who can afford to witness the gore
The agony and torture
the screams that some hear
The pain and the agony
and all the fear

Foie gras a tortured state of affairs.

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