The Donkey and the Wolf

A wolf captured in Patok
A mountainous terrain
Was brought into a farm
And put in a cage
Which was a strain

On the wolf’s abilities
And Although the farmer fed
Food to the wolf thereafter
He wasted it which led

Neighbours to suggest
It was live food the wolf desired
And so they bought a donkey
and left it there
All fired

Up that it would then be eaten
But the following day
Both sat in the cage together
To the farmers dismay

For me a state
of weird and wickedness
Into how they had made
Corrupted by their arrogance
And clearly had displayed

Their sick idea that animals
Do not have feelings for
Each other both feeling great pain
Which humans do ignore

The animals enjoyed each other’s company
And after quite a time
The government decreed
that they be

The wolf back to Patok
The donkey to a space
And they each lived in their locations
With their wildness and their grace

From time to time the wolf
Would come back
to the donkeys field
And they would clearly chat a while
Their friendship no doubt build

This is a true life story
From Albania and they
Carried on this friendship
For years or so they say
If animals are able
To perceive as clearly they these
of each feeling great pain
Then what all of us must do

Is stop putting animals through such evils, such agony
Such cruelty, for they all feel it profoundly
It’s just we are too thick and wicked to realise it.

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