Street dogs in Cuba

It must feel like HELL
A place in the world
Where there are no laws
Protecting those hurled
Into the maelstrom
Of criminals who
See a chaotic state
With little to do
The people don’t keep pets
So there isn’t regard
Those of us on the street
Life is terribly hard
People don’t throw out food
So there’s little about
And people are cruel
Of that there’s little doubt

They think nothing of
Chucking some gasoline
onto us really
What is more mean
And setting us alight
It happens a lot
Because there’s no laws
No help have we got

Everywhere’s random
Muddled confused
Lawless and ugly
So we are abused
Left right and centre
And we have to be
Awake to the yobs
And the inveteracy

The people a lot of them
Are very poor
They eat too much sugar
and tend to ignore
Health risks
Their poor diets
Are leading to diabetes
It’s everywhere which is a view

And just doesn’t help
For animal abuse
Without protective laws
The whole thing is loose
Animals really are feeling it bad
And with standards minimal
of course it is sad

Pork really and chicken
And plantains appear
To be the food eaten
But there is a fear
That all the vast sugars
That people do eat
Affects their mental health
Which does unseat

the mental gateways
And anger is rife
And often the street dogs
They do lose what life
Creation has granted them
Knocked down or killed
By people who shoot them
Their bloods being spilled

Everywhere sadly and hopefully
We will establish some framework of laws
That can be
Put into practice to protect and to see
That strays and street dogs
Get some help urgently

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