She gets my goat

Being in the forest
Is the life for me
Up there in the mountain passes
It’s where I like to be
Fleet of foot breathing hard
Climbing over rocks
Nibbling the greenery
The dandelions and docks
The mountain air it fills my lungs
With everything that’s good
It keeps my eyes alive
And seeing everything I should
The eagle and the cougar
And the hunters who
Creep about in camouflage
A nice fat buck to view

They are the scourge of wildness
An affliction I can say
And now there are women at it
High powered rifles far away
All we see is sunlit glints
And possibly we hear
The bullet leave the barrel
And already it is here
A nagging pain a bitterness
Foreboding it’s out there
These so called human hunters
Riches everywhere
Big trucks lots of equipment
Every sort of thing
They don’t have jobs to go to
For them it’s just a fling

Go and kill the wildlife
Cut them down and run
Watch the wildlife suffer
Rot out in the sun
Freedom was the buzzword
This is what we do
We are the free spirits
Watching twats like you
A mountain goat that’s me folks
Trying to stay clear
First it was the hunting men
Now it’s those I fear
Dressed in all the camouflage
Silver tights and all
With first rate bloody rifles
And don’t they think that are cool

It’s all social media driven
Pictures on Facebook
Look at all my victims
And the joints that we all cook
Then thenThey are after antlers
Possibly a head or two
To hang it in their trophy room
That’s is what they do
To be a wild mountain goat
In this day and age
With all the paraphernalia of the hunters page
all sorts of ammunition
Cross bows and the like
Lures and every conceivable trick
And then of course the hike

Of course some of us fall foul
To the high powered rifle game
Ofcourse our eyes are everywhere
And the scent to does inflame
Us all but we just have to take our chances
Where we can
And hope to god the women hunters
It don’t go to plan

For them it’s about glamour
It’s all puffery
They are just shag bunnies
Out for the infamy
Of murdering some wildlife
Imagining then men
Will reckon them and join in
Hunting parties when

Subtlety and slipperiness
Smoke filled rooms and more
We really must work higher
In the mountains where there is more
Space depend on lichens
And just keep well away
From where the ladies rifles are
On any given day

Mud and slime and ice and snow
And heavy rain they will not go
It’s fashion time in tights and shoes
Hunting women sing the blues
Social media now we must
Not be the victim in the dust
Stay ahead and hopefully
This hunting tribe will hopefully.

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