Indiscriminate fishing

In the world of animals
Can tragically create a world
Where compassion can be lost
The empathy of caring
Of living life and sharing
Of facing competition
And making life your mission
Life is pure and sacred
Which ever life we view
Our lives and our families lives
And all lives for they do
Represent creation the miracle of life
Whether an Ant or an elephant
Or a dolphin, added strife
And senselessness in killing
Wantonly should be
Realised as sinful
By all with eyes to see

The indiscriminate murdering
Of wildness in the ocean
In the seas and rivers
Really that sad notion
Of Seine netting it’s invention
And use commercially
Tells us just how sick we have become
And how we be
Killing and creating by-catch
It’s a word
We have made it up to make it sound
palatable it’s absurd
It’s wicked and it’s wholly wrong
With system in place we
Hunt and fish for living souls
Who creatively are free

Perhaps we want one type of fish
And catch a whole lot more
Quota’s in place or just we face
The impression we ignore
Life and all its meaning
Creation it’s denied
The purse Seine we employ it
And in its death throes hide
A fishing boat this week
Was caught in Mevagissey Bay
Ring netting with a purse Seine
With DOLPHINS in the way
they May have been after mackerel
But indiscriminate use
Of Seine nets means
The DOLPHINS were liable to abuse

Wild dolphins are more sensitive
Than the fishermen and they
hate to be
Caught up in the Seine nets
For the way
They are in fact constructed
Means a buffeting ensues
And this stresses the sensitives
Which for me is awful news
It’s possible that some carnivores
Consuming death each day
Don’t mind being indiscriminate in their killing
Every day
They don’t care if some measly crab or sea urchin is lost
As long as they catch their mackerel
The rest can just be tossed
Back into the ocean this is improbity
Reality says it’s wasteful but it criminality
To create life is miraculous to obliterate life therefore
Is wrong and deemed iniquitous
We are now making war
The quest for whatever species
The indiscriminate must
Be considered criminal
And totally unjust

The vessel caught in Cornwall
Should have been reported, they
Should have had their bloody catch
All taken away
By-catch is creating victims
All the time
It’s wrong on every count
And the figures climb and climb
Words like cull and by catch
Softer words that let
The human being off
Whilst we are in the debt
Of creation and our Mother
Who serves us everywhere
The biosphere is suffering
From what is our despair

Trapping seining indiscriminate hunting
Must be banned
Quotas like the EU quota’s
Who can understand
Throw back by-catch wastage
Of living created souls
Is arrogance personified
And we must put in controls

To stop this wholesale slaughter
Whatever else we do
More of us should eat less
And be entirely true
By catch it is murder
It is criminal
And should
Be seen as such and perpetrators
Are anything but good
Ignorance and insensitivity
The other day
Caused the death of dolphins
In Mevaggissey Bay
That is a great sadness
The fisherman should be
Hauled before the courts
And all then made to pay

Politically correct words
Softening so to say
Like culling which is murder
Like by catch it is way
Off the point of no return
It is evil to the core
And So many other words in use
Which sensitives abhor

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