A rather unusual cupboard

Space constraint
And an awkward placement
With ample capacity
A cupboard made to measure
With ingenuity
An artisanal construct
A carpenter who can
Understand the concepts
And evaluate the plan
Be resourceful of the time
The space the need
And by design
Create a piece of woodwork
That though different
Would enshrine
And in its place the kitchen
And what we really see
That temperament of thoughtfulness
He Able to be
Original and methodical
In a seasoned way
With structure and expression
And form that’s now in play

Graham is resourceful
And is mindful in the way
His practical applications
And experience do play
A nuts and bolts man his words
Unstinting One might say
With an overwhelming spirit
And an inventive display
Honourable by application
Caring in his thought
A respectfulness of his whereabouts
If any were sought
Able to work cleanly
Quietly and with care
With deference and due regard
For anybody there
Purposeful and practical
Hinges and doors aligned
From start to finish
Berkhamsted Man
Was for us an ideal find




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