When loyalty has been rewarded
With A reason to be fearful, to me
Shows absolute wickedness
and, of course iniquity
A bitch whose guiltlessness clearly
Must have been shocked by it all
When a guardian glues up your mouth and your eyes
And dumps you
Just like some sad fool

Imagine the shock
What is depravity
How can that be brought to bear
On a glorious animal loyal as can be
But is dumped without reason or care
Left to the traffic to fortune
Hopeful no doubt she would be
Broken by some speeding driver
Who would probably then fail to see
And as death arrives with his sickle
And the rainbow bridge beckons she’d know
At the end of her life she was murdered
A lost soul with little to show

But fate brought an angel who found her
A Samaritan with eyes to see
And a heart beating softly and kindly
Who found her and brought her to be

What egotist, could have done this
Heartless and wicked whose core
Must have been corrupted with just so much wrong doing
Like nobody we have heard of before
In a pitiless state of anxiety
“Glory” was left just to hear
The traffic a rumbling close to her
Raising the levels of fear

At the vet she was loved she was cared for
Painstaking work pulled her through
The pain and the soreness
the breaking of heartstrings
All of this stress it can do
Just so much damage to innocence
But “Glory” had courage for she
Wanted to live her life wanted to be
Back home with a loving family

When she was feeling much better
A foster family were found
Who gave her much love and attention
Who brought all the angels around
To comfort to care and to worry
To give her the chances and see
How she responded how she got better
And a forever home was the key

She is now with a wonderful family
The “WAGGY” family I hear
Who have piled on the love and attention
And her energy levels appear
Bountiful beautiful lovely
Her happiness it has returned
The nightmares have left her
Her glorious self she’s regaining her life force
She’s learned
So much in her short life
She Gained so much
And all of it in so many ways
Despite the adversity she is now happy
And will be so for the rest of her days

5000 dollars reward to catch the abuser
Who still breathes wickedness wherever they are

Contact them with any evidence of where
The perpetrator may be

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