A call came in
A street dog who apparently
Had been
sleeping rough around the cars
And looking rather lean
We went down to try and find him
And under a white car
There he was quite fearful
Hiding, he the star
Of the show that afternoon
I called him you could feel
He was quite uneasy
And that much was real
So he then went under another car
Quite a handful he
Frightened by an ice cream truck
Then ran away to be
Inside a gated entrance
I used my hand held snare
And caught him
He was scruffy and dirty
But aware

Still boisterous and happy
Lots of energy
But really very scruffy
And calmed down eventually
At the vet
of course we washed him
Shaved his hair away
A nice medicated shower
And dried him
And he lay

Looking fairly joyful
And a foster home we found
And he was off
To spend some time
Covering new ground

It must have been a month or so
When a call came in
To say
They found a dog called “BUFFY”
And a home for paws disc, they
Wondered if we knew who owned
Him he was the worse for wear
Bleeding rather badly
And nobody to care

I rang around and realised
“BUFFY” was “FASBY” who
Was really at his forever home
So I was clueless to
What in fact had happened
When his new owner said she
Was out walking with “BUFFY”
When a Coyote came
To see

Both of them the little dog
Was thinking his human might
Be frightened about the Coyote
And so went to have a fight
Down among the horse trails
The coyote bit into
“Buffy” but apparently he escaped
It’s what they do

And then went back to attack the beast
and again was bitten by
And then a third time
Attacked the beast
Clearly he did try
Wanted to save his mistress
The coyote wasn’t there
So Whatever else that Happened
The dog was so aware

Clearly “BUFFY”had
Saved his brand new owner
Though he was wounded bad
Stuck to it
A real warrior
The coyote ran away
And once again
The little dog
Took a hit but was ok.

Up to a point
He was taken to the vet again
His injuries were cleaned up
But really it was plain
He was very courageous
His time on the street do doubt
Had given him the confidence
The coyote to flout

And so back home
We visited him
And he showed us how and why
He got away from the coyote
With that twinkle in his eye
With that energy
And boisterousness
With confidence galore
He really is a warrior
That no wild beast dare ignore.

The little red dog.org

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