A beautiful heart
Barely beating
Just left on waste ground
In a heap
Unconscious a soul
Who switched off the fight
Who was prostrate
And had quietly switched off
The light

So much trepidation
For one soul so small
With out hesitation
Just no one to call
No one to trust
Unable to see
Unable to think
Unable to be

Lost in the waste
Like jetsam abroad
Somebody noticed
And we were called
Nose bleeding profusely
And head injury
Trauma and mishap
And anxiety

Back at the hospital
First lots of care
Lots of love and attention
That’s when we share
Everything we have
Sedating and love
IV fluids and wonder
We draw from above

By day two he had lifted his head
wanted to eat
But just couldn’t see
A way to accomplish
That feat that day
Needed our help and love
Right a way

By day three
Wagging tail
And a great wish to be
Alive and well
All his courage we see
He had lost all his skills
But with patience and care
They all came back
And again we now share

Playing ball in the yard
Cuddles and care
“Dil” is our baby
And we are so glad He’s there

where angels come and never leave

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