She’d been in this pound a lifetime
For some reason no one cared
A bit excitable and skittish
Clearly hadn’t fared
All that well alone in there
With nobody to care
Just Treated like a number
Although very aware
Seemingly was suffering
Clearly she had flea’s
A lot of irritation
And everyone agrees
Neglected nails all far too long
She needed love And care
And so we took her over
her life in fact to share

A border collie cross she was
She seemed relaxed to be
Quite upright in her stature
And, eager to see
The outside world
Though walking on a leash
She hadn’t done that
but soon learned
When she came along with me

She had an examination
A medicated bath
Was de wormed and all her bloods were checked
We follow the same path
Clipped her nails all far too long
Neglected so to say
A few hours treatment at the vet
Which kind of made her day

She really looked like a different dog
Her stature really bright
Nothing very much wrong with her
Just fearful she was right
Out there when we went down to the river
And she sat
In the sunshine for a while
Knowing where she was at

Bella she was obedient
Good natured and found joy
Content to watch the world go by
Nothing did annoy
Her she watched the ducks
Down by the river swim and play
And slept peacefully upon my lap
Later in the day.

So now we hope to find her
An adoptive family who
Will offer her a forever home
It’s what we like to do
She is smart and so responsive
To a bit of love and care
Something she’s been short of
Whilst she was housed there

But now already she is quite diFferent
Now with us
More animals around to see
And people do not cuss
Or get angry around animals
In pounds of course they do
And it clearly riles some animals
That much we know is true

BELLA is waiting for a new family
She is a truly lovely joyful soul

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