Zimbabwe and the drought

Africa is drying up
And heat is on the rise
The land is like a desert
Parched and is where those with eyes
To see the land so desiccated
Cry into their soul
Elephants are falling on their knees
Out of control
The pools are all but dried up
A Hippo graveyard where
at least 2o or so
Have died
No one said a prayer
Crocodiles and fishes too
are now in the last throes
The sun is pouring blistering heat
And the moisture left soon goes

Even the vultures and jackals
Are attempting to have some food
The larder full and overflowing
Corpses now are strewed
Almost every which way around the pool
Once where
A vast array would come to drink
But now no one would dare
The sky is high and glaring
The land is hot and dry
The animals are suffering
They know they soon will die
They need the rain to fall soon
Water is life to all
It’s like a torrid battleground
Where victims now just fall

Scorching singing charring
Combustion everywhere
Even the flies
think twice about
Whether to try and share
The bodies of the dying
So many of them here
caked in mud and thunder
And suffering great fear
Such silence is mind blowing
The ebb and flow of death
The sickle cuts the sinew
and stops the vital breath
There is no wind to speak of
And deadly silence falls
Just the clamour of the vultures wings
and beaks and their odd calls

Bedlam a quiet howling
A jarring grating whine
One after another as victims fall
Making a precious line
The likelihood of worse to come
If Zimbabwe doesn’t try
To move Some of the animals from this place
Up north which is why
They are bringing trucks of feed into
The pools for elephants they
Also do need water or they of course will pay
The drought is vast and costly
They so much now need rain
The land is effectively dying out
And it is one enormous pain

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