Wild birds

Our feathered friends
Are angels of the silent wing
That share their wondrous voices
Such beauty they do bring
And many of us fail them
Our fireworks split the air
Rockets fired and filings
A crescendo that we share
a voluminous cacophony
A shattering display
It isnt an illusion
It’s dupery at play
It’s damaging
It’s frightening
It’s just like open war
Feathered souls are sensitive
The vibrations feel so raw
They tear into the senses
They throttle and they burn
The world of sky and trees and rain
A matter of concern

Guy Fawkes night and New Year’s Eve
And lots of days between
Explosives rip the countryside
It is quite obscene
The peacefulness we are born with
Broken by desire
Imported cordite scintillation
Ignited into fire
Much of it from China
And us birds what we see
Is just a flash of substance
That burns us violently
Leading to despondency
And death for some for they
Are so shocked by the outcome
That their little hearts give way

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