The wicked ways the slippery slope
The iniquitous hanging from a rope
The despicable criminality
what is complete depravity
The covetous the miscreants
Humanity who sees the need
To abuse their place in history
And by so doing then succeed
Taking the lineage candidae
Wild as the wind along the way
Independent goodly souls
Loyal responsive meaningful roles
Socially active families they
Existent since the break of day
A relatedness by implication
A kinship and an affiliation
A sameness in so many ways
A constant and unchanging phase
A true authenticity
And interchangeability
A balance of nature
A balance of power
A coordination
Hour upon hour
Cometh the malevolence
Spitefulness viciousness
The misanthropic the great stone hearts of old
With inhuman savagery
Torture and outrage
Merciless gloating
And All of this rolled

Into the hunters
The trainers of canids
Viperous sub human specimens whose
Rancorous thoughts
Whose cold blooded notions
Allocate certain canids and choose
To make them the victims
For hunts or for fur bearing
Hounds chasing foxes
Hungry as hell
Forced to run on the scent
Scoundrels all clad in the crimson
And leather
Pitiless ruthless
With Awful intent
Thanklessness for creations example
unbeholden of favours
Our great Mothers hope
Transgressing and trespass
Encroachment wherever
Shame and disgrace
Challenged to cope
But sadly revenge
And the tooth for a tooth
The rankle and injury
Never the truth
The hunters uprightness
They claim their morality
They have the upper hand
Freedom from wrong
They lack respect
They earn their irreverence
So much unconscientiousness
That we detect
True illegality
And violation
Outlawry breakdown of law everywhere
Where is ANUBIS the great God of calling
The lineage crying out
In such despair
Hooligans ruffians jack booted land grabbers
terrier men with their expletives who
Take on the sabs the angels of mercy
Who fight like the clappers
To do what they do

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